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CA program is an endeavour to bring out the latent entrepreneurial spirit of young students from all around India. It is also an internship opportunity for students looking to explore entrepreneurship and develop related skills.

Campus Ambassador 

Why to be a Campus Ambassador of E - Cell KITCoEK?


Two CAs will have a chance to get selected as the best CA amongst your colleagues at the end of your tenure.


Get a certificate of appreciation and a letter of recommendation.

Get a certificate of appreciation and a letter of recommendation.

Organise Events

Selected can organize  entrepreneurship-related events in their college in collaboration with E-Cell KITCoEK


Improve your public relation, management, and marketing skills needed for an entrepreneur.


Build and expand your network with all the core team members and other CAs all over India.

Acquire maximum knowledge related to the startup world and entrepreneurship to become one.


Responsibilities of CA

Be the Bridge

Connect the link between E-Cell KITCoEK and students of your campus.


Promote activities of E - Cell KITCoEK in your campus.


Cooperate with E- Cell KITCoEK core team.


Participate in events of E- Cell KITCoEK.


Organizing the desired entrepreneurship-related activities in your college.


Handle the public image of E-Cell in your campus.

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